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criminal defense

Click go the handcuffs and then a rush of thoughts inundate the brain when you realize you are officially under arrest for allegedly committing a crime. The thoughts are mostly questions, such as where am I going to jail and when I arrive, should I reveal any information to the detectives investigating the case. You also ponder what the arrest means for your job and more important, the relationships you have with friends and family members. After sifting through seemingly countless thoughts, one question suddenly takes over to become the most critical question of all.

Should you contest any of the charges filed against you?

After you are arrested for committing an alleged crime, it is imperative you call a licensed and experienced Georgia criminal defense attorney. Dane M. Garland will consult with you to determine the strength of the state or federal case, as well as educate you about the seriousness of the charges filed against you. You will learn about the number of possible defense strategies to fight back that include filing motions to suppress evidence and filing motions to dismiss every criminal charge because of a lack of evidence.

Dane Garland helps clients during every phase of the defense process, from the initial free consultation to the hearing that determines the criminal sentence.

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aggravated battery

If you face aggravated battery charges, you need to enlist the legal help of a Georgia licensed criminal defense attorney who has successfully litigated dozens of aggravated battery cases. ---

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armed robbery

Armed robbery differs from simple robbery for one reason: the crime of armed robbery involves the use of a weapon to commit the crime. ---

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If you face assault charges, you face one of the major forks in the road of your life. You can face jail time, as well as hand over hundreds of dollars in fines. Assault also comes in a couple of legal definitions. There is simple assault and there is aggravated assault. ---


It is called simple battery, but there is not anything simple about facing a battery charge. For starters, facing a battery charge also brings up the prospect of spending some time behind bars. ---


Facing a burglary charge in Georgia is a serious event that requires the expertise of a Georgia licensed criminal defense attorney. ---

domestic violence

Domestic and family violence cases can take a significant toll on everyone involved.  ---

drug crimes

If you fight against a drug possession charge on your own or with a criminal defense attorney that has limited experience litigating such cases, you can find yourself facing a large number of years incarcerated in the Georgia state prison system.

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Getting pulled over in Georgia for a DUI can lead to years of legal and financial problems. Add to that the shame of having a DUI tag on you can create professional obstacles for the rest of your life.

family domestic violence

Domestic and family violence cases can take a significant toll on everyone involved.  ---

fleeing charges

A driver refuses to pull over when asked to by a law enforcement officer and instead, hits the gas in an attempt to elude. Regardless of how a fleeing incident unfolds, anyone charged with the crime needs expert legal counsel to fight the charge. ---


In the criminal world, the crime of forgery is often glamorized in movies, as well as on television shows. Think James Bond and other action films and shows. However, in the State of Georgia, forgery is not treated in a glamorous way. ---

hit and run

A hit and run charge in Georgia can result in a penalty that remains on your record for years, if not decades. If you face the criminal charge of hit and run, you need to act with a sense of urgency by speaking with one of the accomplished attorneys at Garland Law Group. ---

identity theft

We know the life changing impact identity theft has on the victims of the financially motivated crime. However, what about the alleged perpetrators of identity fraud crimes that are innocent of all charges. ---


Facing a murder charge is by far the most serious criminal charge you can face. It is not just life altering; it is life ending. ---


Obstruction of Justice in Georgia is a broad legal term that covers several different types of criminal behavior. One of the most common types of obstruction cases involves suspects resisting arrest. ---

resisting arrest

Law enforcement agency professionals are responsible for serving and protecting the public. However, some people make it difficult for police officers to perform their jobs effectively. ---

Jewelry Appraiser

Considered one of the most serious crimes, robbery is not a charge to ignore. With the criminal defense team of Garland Law Group robbery lawyers, you will level the legal playing field with the prosecution team. ---

Shoplifting is a crime that if repeated, can trigger much harsher legal penalties that include more time in jail and much higher punitive fines. Most businesses that have to deal with shoplifting in Georgia do not cut perpetrators of the crime any legal slack. ---

theft by receiving

Theft by receiving in Georgia carries substantial penalties that include time behind bars. If you have been charged with a theft by receiving crime, you need the legal counsel of a Georgia licensed criminal defense attorney who specializes in theft cases. --

theft by taking

Theft by taking is defined in Georgia as taking anything of value from the owner of goods and/or property, with the intent not to give whatever was taken back to the original owner. ---

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traffic crimes

If you have received a traffic ticket, you need to work with a Georgia licensed lawyer who has compiled an impressive record of helping clients stay off the traffic ticket records kept by local law enforcement agencies.  ---

vehicular homicide

Vehicular homicide is a charge that can leave permanent emotional scars. The charge can be the result of driver negligence or because a driver failed to follow standard traffic laws in Georgia. ---

violations of probation

In most Georgia cases that include a conviction for a misdemeanor or a felony, the court will ask for a probationary period for the convicted defendant. Probation is a serious legal commitment that if broken, can lead to life altering legal consequences. ---

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weapons offenses

Facing one or more weapon offenses requires the legal expertise of a Georgia licensed criminal defense attorney that has compiled and impressive record of helping clients win not guilty verdicts. ---

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