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Getting pulled over in Georgia for a DUI can lead to years of legal and financial problems. Add to that the shame of having a DUI tag on you can create professional obstacles for the rest of your life. If you have been arrested anywhere in the State of Georgia on suspicion of operating a motor vehicle under the influence, our Georgia licensed DUI lawyers will discuss your legal options, as well as recommend the best strategy for you to be exonerated of all charges.

The Severity of a DUI Charge in Georgia

The penalties handed down for a Georgia DUI depends on the number of previous DUI convictions.

First DUI

For first time DUI offenders, the number of penalties, as well as the severity of each penalty, depends on the level of intoxication as measured by a law enforcement officer. First time DUI offenders can receive the following penalties

  • 12 months of probation

  • Anywhere from one to 10 days in jail

  • Substance abuse counseling

  • Minimum fine of $300

  • Court mandated attendance at a MADD Mothers Victim Impact Panel

  • Minimum 40 hours of community service

  • Suspension of driver’s license

  • Mandatory attendance at a DUI Risk Reduction School


In addition to a minimum $300 fine, you also have to cover court costs and surcharges. The number of penalties and the severity of each penalty also depends on the level of legal expertise you have in defending yourself against Georgia DUI charges.

Two-Time Offenders

The second time is not the charm when it comes to a DUI in Georgia. Not only will the prosecution come hard after you, the judge presiding over the case will probably issue stern rulings that go against your best interest. Two-time DUI offenders in Georgia should quickly respond to all charges by working with an experienced Georgia DUI lawyer.

Here are some of the legal consequence of a second DUI conviction in Georgia:

  • Probation lasting between one and three years

  • 240 hours of community service

  • Suspension of driver’s license

  • Fines exceeding $1,000, plus court costs and surcharges

  • Three to 12 months in jail

  • DUI school

  • Installation of an ignition interlock device after serving a hard driver’s license suspension of 120 days

  • Court ordered substance abuse counseling

  • Personal photograph published in the Georgia county where the DUI offense occurred


The jail time penalty can be reduced to a minimum of three days because of the number of days served for probation.

DUI offenders facing charges for the third time or more face the real prospect of spending considerable time behind bars, especially if a DUI charge is accompanied by other types of charges. For example, if you receive a third DUI charge, along with a resisting arrest charge, you increase the likelihood of serving jail time.

Multiple DUI offenders need to work with a DUI attorney that has compiled an extensive and successful record of getting clients exonerated of all charges.

Recent Georgia Supreme Court Decision

On February 18, 2019, the Georgia Supreme Court issued a landmark decision in regards to DUI cases. The court ruling significantly impacts your right under the Georgia Constitution to refuse a breath test performed while you are in law enforcement custody. Another important change in Georgia DUI laws too place on July 1, 2017. You have 30 days to take action from the date of your DUI arrest in regards to your Georgia driver’s license. Our team of DUI lawyers strongly urges anyone that faces a DUI charge to speak with a Georgia DUI attorney to learn more about how a DUI charge impacts the status of a Georgia driver’s license, as well as the privilege to operate a motor vehicle in Georgia.

Act with a Sense of Urgency

Facing a DUI charge can occur for several reasons. You might be coming home from a night on the town when a law enforcement officer pulls you over near your driveway. You can be leaving the parking lot at Mercedes-Benz Stadium after cheering on the Atlanta Falcons to victory. You can even face a DUI charge for simply pulling off to the side of the road to “sleep it off.” Regardless of why you face a DUI charge, one thing remains the same.

You must treat your case with a sense of urgency.

The ramifications of delaying action can leave long lasting black marks on your employment record, as well as dramatically drive up auto insurance costs. Just the installation of an ignition interlock device is reason enough to seek legal counsel from a Georgia licensed DUI lawyer.

Contact Our Law Office

You can be sure the prosecution will come at you hard during a DUI hearing. The negative stigma a DUI carries spills over into the courtroom when judges and prosecutors look dimly at Georgia residents facing DUI charges.

At Garland Law Group, our team of experienced DUI attorneys understand the stakes are high for our clients. We will spend time thoroughly examining your case to determine what is the best course of legal action. Our team of DUI lawyers knows that you are going through a tough time, which means we clearly communicate with you everything about your case to give you at least some peace of mind. We value our clients and in return, our clients have faith that we will work for the most favorable outcome.

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