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traffic crimes


A wise sage once declared that there are only two certainties in life: Death and taxes. Well, if the same sage was around today, he or she would add a third certainty to the list.

Traffic tickets.

Another wise sage said you cannot not make a mountain out of a mole hill. The sage probably never heard of traffic tickets because one traffic ticket that creates a mole hill often leads to a mountain of unpaid traffic tickets.

If you have received a traffic ticket, you need to work with a Georgia licensed lawyer who has compiled an impressive record of helping clients stay off the traffic ticket records kept by local law enforcement agencies. The experienced attorneys at Garland Law Group want you to understand that putting off the handling of one or more traffic tickets will become a huge mistake down the road for several reasons.

Simply put, the negative consequences of disregarding traffic tickets has the potential to be a huge legal thorn in your side for years to come.

Why It is Important to Hire a Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Do you wonder how actuaries calculate driver’s insurance premiums? Your driving record is by far the most significant factor in calculating what you pay each month for car insurance. One speeding ticket at a speed that is only five miles over the speed limit can quickly raise your monthly driver’s insurance premiums. One traffic ticket conviction, even for a minor driving offense, can stay on your driving record anywhere between three and seven years. Over the course of seven years, the additional money you fork over for driver’s insurance can accumulate into thousands of extra dollars that you could have used for better purposes.

Garland Law Group has devoted a separate division in the firm to handle client traffic tickets. Our goal is to help clients avoid accumulating points on their driving records. Points represent the blemish insurance companies use to boost monthly premiums. If you choose to plead guilty and hence, add points to your driving record, you can expect your driver’s insurance rate to increase dramatically. Even more important, you want to avoid points accumulating on your driving record. Like every other state, Georgia has established a point system that penalizes drivers for traffic infractions. Not only do we help clients avoid insurance points, we also make sure to keep their driving records clean.

Common Traffic Tickets Handed Out in Georgia

The number of possible driving infractions in Georgia is seemingly endless. However, there are a handful of traffic tickets that law enforcement agencies hand out the most.

  • Speeding

  • Reckless driving

  • Running a red light

  • Rolling a stop sign

  • Improper passing


A Little More about Speeding in Georgia

There is no doubt that the highly rated traffic ticket lawyers at Garland Law Group handle more speeding violations than any other type of traffic infraction. Your instinct might be to call the phone number listed on the back of a speeding ticket and pay the fine right away. You should understand that paying off a speeding ticket adds unnecessary points to your driver’s insurance and Georgia driving record.

Here is how the point system for speeding in Georgia works:

  • 15-18 mph: 2 points

  • 19-23 mph: 3 points

  • 24-33 mph: 4 points

  • Over 33 mph: 6 points


Anyone traveling more than 85 mile per hour on a Georgia interstate or moving more than 75 miles per hour on a Georgia two-lane road has to pay a super speed fine of $200 per offense. A super speeder fine will have a negative impact on your insurance premiums and driving records for years to come.

What about a Commercial License?

Professionals that carry commercial driver’s licenses face harsher penalties for violating Georgia traffic laws. A prime example of the harsher penalties concerns license suspensions. A commercial driver’s license holder in Georgia faces a license suspension of 60 days for receiving just two minor traffic violations within a three year time frame. The number of traffic violations includes violations that happen when driving a vehicle for personal reasons. If you are a professional who operates a commercial vehicle and you face one or more traffic infractions, you should work with the Garland Law Group team of traffic ticket lawyers to erase the minor infractions from your driving record.

Free Consultation with a Garland Law Group Attorney

Dealing with one or more traffic tickets might be the third certainty in life, but it does not have to be a certainty that you have to worry about. When you hire a Garland Law Group traffic ticket attorney, you do not have to attend court hearings and you will never miss any time from work. We take of everything for you, including the timely filing of court documents. This means you do not have to visit our office except for when you schedule a free initial consultation that determines the best course of legal action.

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