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violations of probation


In most Georgia cases that include a conviction for a misdemeanor or a felony, the court will ask for a probationary period for the convicted defendant. Probation is a serious legal commitment that if broken, can lead to life altering legal consequences. If you or someone close to you has violated probation, you need to act with a sense of urgency by contacting a highly rated criminal defense attorney who specializes handling violations of probation cases.

For numerous years, Garland Law Group criminal defense lawyers have successfully litigated dozens of probation violation cases. There are several reasons why probation was violated, but the reason does not matter nearly as much as taking immediate action to counter the charge by working with the team of criminal defense lawyers at Garland Law Group.

Georgia Probation Requirements

Georgia does not place more of a burden on probation terms than the probation terms mandated by other states. In facts, the terms and conditions established for Georgia probation mirror most of what the other states have set.

Here are some common probation terms and conditions in the State of Georgia:

  • Loss of the right to own a firearm

  • Regular drug tests

  • Mandatory drug counseling and treatment

  • Participating in community service projects

  • Have a job

  • Report according to a schedule made by your probation officer

  • No more contact with specified people

  • Refrain from visiting certain locations

  • Pay victims of the crime money for pain and suffering

  • Agree to randomly scheduled home searches


Above all, defendants placed on probation in Georgia must stay out of trouble with the law. Some of the criteria established for your probation can be easy to break, such as losing your job or falling behind on victim restitution payments. If you find yourself in violation of your probation, the highly skilled criminal defense team at Garland Law Group will sit down with you for a free initial consultation to plan the best course of legal action to take.

More about Probation Violations in Georgia

Georgia has created two types of probation violations. The first type of probation violation is called a technical violation, which are accusations you have committed one or more violations of the terms and conditions established by your probation officer. Accusations of committing a new crime while on probation represents a substantive violation. Although a substantive violation charge is more serious than a technical violation, our approach to handling such cases has produced one of the most successful acquittal rates in the State of Georgia.

Possible Probation Violation Penalties

Georgia implements four punishments for violations of probation, with some cases having just one penalty, while other cases result in the issuance of multiple penalties.

Here are the four primary penalties for violating probation in Georgia:

  • Significant fine

  • Revocation of probation by lengthening the prison sentence

  • Additional time spent on probation

  • A new sentence for jail time


The substantially negative consequences of violating probation in Georgia means you need to secure the legal counsel of the expert team of criminal defense lawyers at Garland Law Group. Your violations of probation attorney will provide all the answers you need to move your case forward, as well as provide emotional support whenever the legal going gets tough.


Common Defenses for Probation Violations

One of the most effective ways for us to defend clients that have been accused of violating probation involves proving the innocence of the clients. With the litmus test for guilt in Georgia being “Beyond a reasonable doubt,” the prosecution must convince the judge presiding over the case that you are clearly guilty of committing one or more violations of your probation.


We will gather and submit physical evidence that demonstrates a reasonable doubt as to your guilt. Witnesses corroborating your account of the incident that led to the alleged violation are especially helpful in planting the all-important seeds of reasonable doubt. We can also explain you had a good reason for missing an appointment with your probation officer, as well as you remain in good faith to pay victim restitution, even though you have fallen behind on payments. Our team of accomplished violations of probation attorneys will also explain to the court the alleged violation is the first incident of poor judgment since you received the terms and conditions of your probation.

Get the Legal Counsel You Deserve

Georgia judges usually have plenty of discretion when it comes to issuing penalties for probation violations. How you handle yourself in front of a judge goes a long way towards determining not only the type of penalty you will receive, but also how severe the penalty will be. Coaching clients on how to best present themselves in front of a judge is just one of many extras we offer the clients of ours that have been charged with one or more probation violations.

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