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armed robbery


Armed robbery differs from simple robbery for one reason: the crime of armed robbery involves the use of a weapon to commit the crime. Georgia criminal law considers the act of armed robbery to be one of the most serious crimes, which typically results in violent felony conviction that remains of your criminal record for years.

If you or someone close to you faces an armed robbery charge, you should contact a Georgia licensed criminal defense attorney that has amassed an impressive record of exonerating clients of the serious violent felony charge. The armed robbery defense team at Garland Law Group has earned the reputation of successfully defending clients of armed robbery charges. Read our online reviews and the testimonials presented on our law firm website to learn why Garland Law Group is the go-to defense team for defending clients charged with armed robbery.

How Georgia Defines Armed Robbery

Georgia penal code §16-8-41 defines the crime of armed robbery to be when “a person commits the offense of armed robbery when, with intent to commit theft, he or she takes property of another from the person or the immediate presence of another by use of an offensive weapon, or any replica, article, or device have the appearance of such weapon.”

Armed robbery in Georgia includes a new type of offense that pertains to robbing a pharmacy while using a weapon. Because of the national opiate crisis, the new pharmacy statute is one of the most litigated criminal cases in Georgia. The pharmacy addition to the Georgia armed robbery statute carries a harsh penalty, as well as requires a different strategy than what is usually used to defend against other types of armed robbery charges.

What is an Offensive Weapon?

One of the most important legal terms associated with an armed robbery is called “offensive weapon.” Georgia courts have changed the definition of an offensive weapon several times since the term became part of the definition of an armed robbery charge. After years of intense legal debates, offensive weapon includes weapons that are universally considered dangerous, as well as many other types of weapons that typically are not considered life threatening. For example, using a toy gun during a robbery can constitute an armed robbery.

Because of the ambiguity surrounding the meaning of “offensive weapon,” it is crucial that anyone charged with armed robbery while using a non-traditional weapon consult with a Georgia licensed criminal defense lawyer. Garland Law Group has a team of armed robbery attorneys that have successfully defended clients charged with armed robbery, while using a toy or replica weapon.


Georgia Penalties for an Armed Robbery Conviction

Punishment for an armed robbery conviction carries a potential prison sentence between 10 and 20 years. The minimum sentence of 10 years of jail time is one of the harshest minimum prison’s sentences for any felony crime. In addition, the mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years does not allow for early release. This means you can expect to spend at least 10 years behind bars for an armed robbery conviction.

The pharmacy clause of the Georgia armed robbery statute requires the state to sentence defendants to minimum 15-year jail terms. If you have a violent felony conviction on your record from anywhere in the United States and you are convicted in Georgia of an armed robbery charge, you can expect to receive a life in prison sentence, without any chance of the state granting you parole.

Defending Armed Robbery charges in Georgia

“Beyond a reasonable doubt” represents the guilty litmus test in the State of Georgia. This means the armed robbery lawyers at Garland Law Group will work hard to plant the seeds of reasonable doubt in the minds of one or more members of the jury. We will present physical evidence that plants the seed of reasonable doubt, as well as call witnesses to the stand that will convincingly present testimony that you were not involved in the crime.

In addition to proving your innocence, we have several other options to defend you against an armed robbery charge.

  • Lack on intent

  • Self defense

  • Nothing was taken

  • The use of force was justified

  • No evidence a weapon was used


Self-defense must be corroborated by at least one credible eyewitness, as does the defense of using justified force. Not only do the armed robbery lawyers at Garland Law Group know what defenses to use, we also understand the defenses that have no effect in persuading a jury to return a not guilty verdict.

Work with a Highly Rated Criminal Defense Attorney

Facing an armed robbery charge can change your life forever. Unless you receive expert legal counsel, you will face at least 10 years in prison, with no chance of parole. With so much on the line, it makes sense to consult with a highly rated Georgia criminal defense attorney that has litigated armed robbery cases for many years.

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